The building

built in the first half of the seventeenth century, the building has undergone several changes, extensions and elevations over the centuries, up to the current status. of particular artistic value the historical gate located in via del Lavatore currently access is through the front door in via della Panetteria 1c.

The rooms

Realized in the part of the building originally inhabited by the family, after a deep renovation, needed to make them meet the modern standards of comfort, they are elegantly decorated with the original historical furnishings that were part of the decoration of the family house.

The spirit

The idea of opening Arpinelli Relais comes from my personal travel experience, from the pleasure of staying in a structure that could speak of the history of the place I was visiting, and meet hosts available to direct me in visiting the city, so feel free to ask any kind of advice and information, I will be happy to help you.




via della panetteria 1c